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Thursday, May 28, 2015

1ofWiisdom's Minecraft Xbox One Solo Survival Episode 100 Extravaganza!

Hey Everyone,

To celebrate hitting Episode 100 in Minecraft Xbox One Solo Survival, I decided to do some cool stuff!

We started Episode 100 with a World Tour that highlights some of the things we have built thus far...We then head off into the Nether and wind up literally 4-5 blocks away from the Fortress!  While exciting and convenient, I honestly just went in for some Glow Stone and Soul Sand.  After exiting, we find that we are NOT at our original portal and so begins our escape!

Check out the series of Episodes down below...if you like what you see, make sure to subscribe and check out the daily uploads of Solo Survival!

Episode 100: The Hall of Wiisdom, World Tour, and Caving

Episode 100, Part 2: The Unfortunate Fortunate Fortress

Episode 101: Investigating Portal Flip

Episode 102: Gearing Up, Again

Episode 103: Nether Portal Island

Minecraft Xbox One Solo Survival Playlist Link: