Minelogix Members

Minelogix Members

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wiisdom: New PC - Online and 60 FPS

Well, I somehow managed to build a computer, get it running, get it online, and get on the Minelogix Server.  60 FPS is great...this is the first time I've played Minecraft PC at anything greater than 20 something.  The smooth frame rate is further complimented by super quick renders...My old PC took forever to render out simple builds and structures.

Just wanted to take this one in the doorway of our main hub...
Let's be honest though, Minelogix's 1st Year was 99% PVP.
And there is nothing wrong with that.

So, here is is a few days later and I have now joined thewalkthruking's rank as someone with a PC capable of recording PC gameplay while still running smooth.

Things are about to get real good...

Stay Tuned!